The Norwegian Fords


Erik Enzo (vocals and Keyboards) and Paul Call (guitars and lyrics).

​Put short, TNF plays catchy, retro-inspired California-pop, with a hint of jazz, accompanied by quirky lyrics.

​Their self-titled debut album was mixed by Grammy Award-winning Bill Schnee at Schnee Studios in Hollywood, LA. The album was mastered at the world famous Mastering Lab, in LA, by another Grammy-winner, Robert Hadley.

This goes for the second album "Somewhere down the road you'll listen" as well.


Thanks to Bill and Robert, TNF’s albums sounding like “summer all year". Or Californian, if you like.

A big hand also to David Lasley, a great songwriter and James Taylor's backup vocalist, who gave TNF the opportunity to showcase their demo to Bill Schnee. And, not to forget, Steve Porcaro, for his inspiring feedback and sheer enthusiasm to TNF's music, both in e-mails and through meetings, which really got TNF going.

The Norwegian Fords’ music has been out there in so many ways: On Jazz festival, gigs in LA (The Worldwide Radio Summit & The Viper Room), and on numerous radio stations (Norway, Sweden, USA). And last, but not least, TNF got a lot of spins as a popular choice on playlists all over the world. TNF has also been TOTO’s warm-up act in Norway, and the band has gained fans all over the world.